Trolley Coin Range Re-launch

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This is the first of our range re-designs for 2022. The aim is to modernise our designs, maximise the branding area and minimise the use of material. 

The trolley coin range is;

  1. Better looking – all the trolley coins have had a makeover so they’re more tactile – giving them the appeal of a higher perceived value 
  2. Smarter design – designed with a more 3D shape in mind, but being smart with the design to minimise material used 
  3. Only the best – streamlined the range to the most popular SKUs

All trolley coins are now available on a fast turnaround in 100% UK recycled material (white) and rHIPS.b material (tor). 

rHIPS.b was our 2021 star; a unique to the market material – that is made from 100% waste products and biodegrades 200 times faster in natural conditions. 

We are offering free sample packs of our new Trolley Coin range to share with your clients. 

Send us an email to request yours.