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As part of our Trolley Coin range re-design we have designed the new PopCoin Trolley Coin. With brandable coin that neatly “pops” in and out for use. The coin and the holder are both brandable to 2 sides, supplied with split ring and connector ring. 

We are Planet Positive designers, innovators and manufacturers. That means everything – from the 100% recycled materials we use, to the optimised processes we follow – is painstakingly developed to minimise waste and environmental impact, while maximising guilt-free enjoyment of the absolute best promotional products.  

The PopCoin is available in two materials; 

  • rHIPS.b – a biodegradable polymer made from 100% waste materials, that biodegrades 200 times faster in natural conditions 
  • 100% UK Recycled – sourced from waste products in the UK like the inside of fridges and yoghurt pots 

The PopCoin is also available on a fast turnaround time if you order in White 100% UK Recycled or Tor rHIPS.b. 

Email us for your free sample packs of our new Trolley Coin range to share with your clients.