About Us


CHX’s 25 years of experience guarantees that everything you put in front of your customers doesn’t just remind them of how incredible you are once or twice. That would be a waste of time, money and 100% recycled polymers for everyone. 

Your customers will want to use their merch again and again; so much so that they might even end up dreaming about you. That would be cool, right? We achieve this by actually listening to feedback, genuinely doing our research and carefully curating our catalogue of products to exclusively feature the most useful and practical items which always maintain recyclability.

So many of the businesses you work with every day preach a green ethos without even coming close to backing it up.

It’s outrageously sad but sickeningly true. CHX isn’t one of those businesses and never ever will be. We’re absolutely, pos-i-tively committed to being a fully transparent and accountable manufacturer. And we can back it up; check out our Environmental Policy

We’re striving to be a circular manufacturing business. Controlling every step of the process from our HQ allows us to offer speedy turnaround times on your orders and give you confidence that the final product will always reflect your original vision, providing your customers with a great experience every time. We can also offer bespoke shaped products to your design using our in-house tooling and artwork studio.

Looking out for the health, natural beauty and future of our planet is of the utmost importance to us. So where better than Cornwall to base our operations, locally skilled staff, apprentices and home workers to make sure we never lose sight of that? (The answer is nowhere if you hadn’t guessed). Our ecologically diverse and vibrant location keeps us inspired, creative and focused on the big picture.

Our Partners

Due to demand Lead Times have changed to: 3 weeks from proof approval on all white recycled plastic | 5 weeks from proof approval on all coloured recycled plastic and rHIPS.b