CHX Products is a manufacturer specialising in promotional merchandise. Actively promoting eco first solutions, never using virgin materials.

CHX’s policy is always to conduct business with integrity, responsibility and respect for the interests of all affected by our activities.

We believe that our activities should always respect the environment and positively influence all areas in which we operate.

CHX recognises that in all our activities, working practices and business relationships, our company is committed to protecting, conserving and enhancing all aspects of the environment over which it has control or influence, to minimise this impact and strive to continually improve our performance.

An example of this commitment is clearly visible through our development of rHIPS.b; a revolutionary material that aimed to solve a true business problem of creating a circular manufacturing process to ensure that all waste material was reused. Plus this now also solves an environmental problem. We were conscious that we have no control over what happens to our products once they leave the factory – by adding our biodegradable additive this speeds up the biodegradation of our products by 200 times biodegrading in natural conditions leaving no trace.