We use 100% recycled plastic – but from where?

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Our product ranges are not only cool because they are made with recycled plastic, they are also made with the insides of old fridges.

As we have all our injection moulding machinery on site it meant that we could control what plastic we used and ensure we were not using virgin plastic to make our promotional merchandise. We have been using recycled plastic since the company was founded over 20 years ago.

We use an industrial grade recycled HIPS plastic. HIPS is a food grade plastic and is most commonly used in cars, electronics, laptop casings, soft drinks cups, plastic cutlery and food packaging, along with a whole host of other applications.

recycled fridge plasticA large proportion of the HIPS recycled plastic we use is sourced from the internal parts recycled from discarded fridges. There are a number fridge recycling plants across the UK that specialise in dismantling and recovering every scrap of material used in manufacture ensuring that nothing goes to landfill.  The plastic they recover is then turned back into plastic pellets for us to use in our machinery.


We are proud to make sure that the plastic sources we use are always recycled, and we will continue to find ways to improve our impact on the planet.

Since the beginning we have always recycled any materials we create during our manufacturing process, which means that all the plastic runners offcuts and rejects are then reprocessed by ourselves to be reused again in our products.

Some very rigid plastics like our products, sometimes cannot be recycled in household recycling, it’s not that they can’t be recycled it is just that a some recycling centres do not currently have the machines set up to do so. If this is the case in your area, please be aware that any of our unwanted or used products can be sent back to us and we can use it again, get in touch to find out more.