New & unique to the market, rHIPS.b

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We are proud launch a revolutionary new biodegradable polymer; rHIPS.b. A biodegradable polymer made from 100% waste and recycled products.

rHIPS.b naturally biodegrades in compost, landfill and water by being broken down by over 600 naturally occurring microbes. The biodegradation process is accelerated 200 times faster than standard plastic and is the first of its kind on the promotional merchandise market. It works through the addition of a Biodegradable Additive that enhances the ability of naturally occurring microbes to consume the plastic. 

We have designed and created this range exclusively for the promotional merchandise industry with the planet in mind. 

5 reasons to love rHIPS.b 

  1. This is plastic but not as you know it – made from 100% waste materials, no virgin material used
  2. Fully biodegradable: broken down by over 600 naturally occurring microbes 200 times faster than ordinary plastic. Able to biodegrade in home compost, water and landfill. 
  3. No micro-plastics just rich biomass & water: broken down by friendly microbes digesting the polymer 
  4. New colour ways inspired by nature: inspired by the coastal influences of our location, Cornwall. Reminders of recycled history are visible much like the newspaper pulp found in egg cartons 
  5. Designed & manufactured in the UK: and distributed from Cornwall to wherever it needs to go. Meaning no air miles and more smiles! 

We launch with a concise range of 12 products in the five new colour ways; Sky, Sand, Tor, Seaweed and Buoy.

The tactile, muted colourways will appeal to an eco conscious consumer and offer brands an affordable, truly eco alternative to other materials on the market. 

rHIPS.b is launched with a range of assets available to support you in pitching the range to your customers, with a rHIPS.b brand video, a range of lifestyle photos, downloadable brochure, letterbox samples box and brand advert. 

Contact Max and the team to discuss rHIPS.b in more detail, get a samples box or a quote; 01208 813813 or

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