Trolley Stick Mini

Code: TRS12

• Always made from recycled plastic or our rHIPS.b plastic.
• A mini stick keyring incorporating a 3D shaped coin.
• Easy to use, push the stick straight into the coin slot.
• Logo or artwork digitally printed CMYK as standard.

This mini product has a pound coin shape at one end and offers a larger branding area for logos or information to be added on one or both sides. This trolley stick comes with a lobster clip fitting.

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Available colours

White, rHIPS.b Tor, rHIPS.b Sky, rHIPS.b Seaweed, rHIPS.b Buoy, rHIPS.b Sand, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple


Recycled Plastic

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Recycled - White Plastic25003500500010000100% Recycled - Coloured Plastic
Recycled - Coloured Plastic500035005000
rHIPS.b - Tor250035005000100005000
rHIPS.b - other 4 colours
rHIPS.b - CMYK 1 side
rHIPS.b - CMYK Both sides