NEW! Pop Coin Lite

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Our popular 12 sided Trolley Coin Keyring is currently out of stock,  as well as any trolley coin that uses a metal lobster clip/ snap hook. This amazingly is due to increased summer demand and frustratingly a delivery delay of the components. 

The 12 sided trolley coin keyring is by far our most popular item here at CHX and 2022 has exceeded exceptions. True to our value of: INNOVATING AND INVESTING ON EVERY LEVEL 

We are a 360 business with all design and manufacturing happening in our factory in Cornwall we have been able to design and produce a temporary replacement for the popular 12 sided Trolley Coin Keyring – the Pop Coin Lite

We launched the POP Coin earlier in the year, so some of you may be familiar with it.  This new product works in a similar way and means that we can still fulfil your important Trolley Coin orders, using the this as a replacement for the standard Trolley Coin. It works by using a wishbone style clip – which will come in a grey colour, as standard, creating a metal-style look helping to add to the perceived value – in order to hold the coin in place. 

We are so pleased with this innovation that we are planning to launch this as a new standard product for the future too.  

The item is a little more expensive than the Trolley Coin Keyring but are going to match the price to the standard coin until the beginning of November, so not to inconvenience any of your important and valued clients.

If you’re looking for a larger product for a larger branding area then we’d recommend the original Pop Coin.

We expect the components (lobster clip/ snap hooks) for the rest of the trolley coin range to be back in stock at the beginning of November. We will be sure to update you accordingly.