New antimicrobial product range to allow brands to anti-bac their promotional products reducing the spread of germs by 98%

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During Lockdown we have not stood still, and the agility we have as a full service business has never been more apparent. We design, manufacture and print all our promotional merchandise products using the latest technology in our factory based in the heart of Cornwall. 

Most notably during Lockdown we designed and launched the Hygiene Hook Keyring in April, an original British Registered Design (No. 6088330) to CHX Products. It is a no touch tool suitable for a range of uses with a hook for opening doors and gates, a flat stylus tip for keypads with a finger hole for ease of use.  

As a way to help tackle the everyday issues we are all now faced with, we have created a new Antimicrobial Product Range. Using an antimicrobial additive that is added to the recycled plastic mix.

Its main ingredient is ionic silver, which is well known for its natural sterilising properties. 

With this additive, the spread of bacteria and germs on the surface of the Hygiene Hook Keyring is reduced by 98%.

The range launches with our most popular products from the Hygiene Hook Keyring to a Flying Disc.

However the antimicrobial additive can be added to any product for a small additional cost. 

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